The 2nd Solo Exhibition The Islands – Psychological Space

The Islands – Psychological Space, built between 2010 and 2012, is the record of the constant
struggle between my conscious and unconscious in the last three years. After going through the
experience of giving births to my daughters followed by parenting them, my artistic sensibility
and discipline that I used to have degraded and rusted. Yet I had to get back to work to save
the soul of my art. Whenever I was touching and moulding materials like paper with my hands,
I felt much serenity and comfort. This exibition uncovers the journey that my body and mind
have been intensely collaborated consciously and unconsciously in order to get close to the
center of the life of art. My conscious will of creating the work of art through the hands
and materials leads to the quintessence of the life and the being. After all it seems like
catching a fish one by one from the deep ocean of unconscious.

Songpa-gu Yesong Gallery, Korea, 2012


중앙설치 (16)(800x540)

중앙설치 (18)(800x508)

중앙설치 (19)(800x521)

중앙설치 (15)(800x544)